The Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

Short Description:

1.Function:heating + cooling ;
2.Power input:220V-50HZ
3.Using R410A green refrigerant;
4.Super low noise with full DC fan motor;
5.Energy-saving is up to 80%;
6.Stable Running at -25℃ Ambient Temperature

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Product advantages

DC Inverter

Comfortable Heating

Healthy Cooling

Comfortable Constant Temperature


Wide Operating Range

Using DC frequency conversion technology, the unit can effectively heat in the temperature range of -15°C~24°C and cool in the temperature range of 15°C~53°C, adapting to various extreme working conditions.

R410A Environmentally Protection Refrigerant

More efficiency cooling and heating for using R410A environmentally protection refrigerant that improves system energy efficiency and saving electricity. There is no harm to the human bod at the same time, and it does not contain any substances that destroy the ozone layer. Its ODP value is 0, which is in line with the standards of international environmental protection organizations.

Integrated Host

Using the integrated host design, there is no need to connect copper pipes or welding during the installation process, which saves installation costs and makes installation easier. Secondly,  it is safe and reliablethere that it is almost no risk of refrigerant leakage during use.

The Core Part Makes the Product Stable and Reliable

Using the international top brand dual-rotor DC inverter compressor, which is more powerful  but smaller, and that is 15Hz~110Hz of speed range to achieve the more efficient and stable operation.

Comfort and Energy Saving

1)Variable frequency inventer- DC frequency conversion has a large range of load regulation, which can efficiently and quickly make the room reach the target temperature. The unit can automatically adjust the operating speed of the compressor and motor according to the changes in the outdoor environment to meet the needs of different rooms.
2)Intelligent anti-freezing - on the basis of the secondary anti-freezing in winter, the intelligent judgment function is added, and the unit adds the intelligent anti-freezing reminder function, which can effectively prevent the waterway from freezing in winter.
3)Intelligent defrost - It will intelligently judge the best time to defrost according to the real-time outdoor temperature, suction temperature, evaporative pressure sensor, it can shorten the defrost time by 30%, and extend the time interval by 6 hours, so as to realize energy saving and efficient heating comfortable.
4)Intelligent water temperature control technology - After connecting with the intelligent thermostat, the unit can automatically adjust the outlet water temperature according to the temperature set in the room. When the multiple rooms are settings the different temperature, the unit's outlet water temperature can also be automatically adjusted as needed to avoid partial load. That operates with high energy consumption, energy saving and being more environmentally.

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