best heat pump water heater air source heat pump LRK-25IIBM/C1

Short Description:

Product number:LRK-25IIBM/C1
power supply:380V 3N~ 50Hz
Anti-shock level:protection level Class I / IPX4
Nominal heating capacity/power consumption:28.80kW/9.44kW
Nominal Cooling EER:3.00W/W
Nominal Cooling IPLV:4.30W/W
Nominal cooling capacity/power consumption:27.50kW/9.16kW
Circulating Water Flow:4.73m3/h
Water Side Pressure Loss:100kPa
Maximum working pressure of high/low pressure side:4.2/4.2MPa
Discharge/suction side allowable working pressure:4.2/1.2MPa
Maximum power consumption/working current:11.25kW/18.11A
The maximum pressure of the evaporator:4.2MPa
Circulating water pipe diameter/pipe connection:DN32/¼” Coupling
Refrigerant charge:R410A 6.50kg
External dimensions:1200 x 430 x 1550(mm)
Feature Function Code:S01ZWB
net weight:200kg

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