Commercial Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

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Model: LRK-65Ⅱ/C4 | LRK-130Ⅱ/C4

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The air source cooling and heating unit is a central air-conditioning unit with air as the cold and heat source and water as the refrigerant. It can form a centralized air-conditioning system with various terminal equipment such as fan coil units and air-conditioning boxes.

Based on nearly 20 years of R&D, design and application experience, Shengneng has continuously launched new environmentally friendly air source coolers and heaters. On the basis of the original products, the structure, system and program have been improved and designed to meet the needs of comfort and technological occasions, respectively. Design special model series. Environmentally friendly air source cooling and heating machine with complete functions and various specifications. The reference module is 65kw or 130kw, and any combination of different models can be realized. A maximum of 16 modules can be connected in parallel to form a combined product in the range of 65kW~2080kW. The air source heating and cooling machine has many advantages such as no cooling water system, simple pipeline, flexible installation, moderate investment, short construction period, and installment investment, etc. It is widely used in villas, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, supermarkets, theaters, etc. Commercial, industrial and civil buildings.

Product parameters

Model LRK-65Ⅱ/C4 LRK-130Ⅱ/C4
/Nominal cooling capacity/power consumption 65kW/20.1kW 130kW/39.8kW
Nominal cooling COP 3.23W/W 3.26W/W
Nominal cooling IPLV 4.36W/W 4.37W/W
Nominal heating capacity/power consumption 68kW/20.5kW 134kW/40.5kW
Maximum power consumption/current 31.6kW/60A 63.2kW/120A
Power form Three-phase power  Three-phase power
Water pipe diameter/connection method DN40/R1 ½''  DN40/R1 ½'' outer wire DN65/R2 ½''   DN65/R2 ½'' outer wire
Circulating water flow 11.18m³/h 22.36m³/h
Water side pressure loss 60kPa 60kPa
The maximum working pressure of the system 4.2MPa 4.2MPa
High/low pressure side allows working overpressure 4.2/1.2MPa 4.2/1.2MPa
Noise ≤68dB(A) ≤71dB(A)
Refrigerant/Charge R410A/14.5kg R410A/2×15kg
Dimensions 1050×1090×2300(mm) 2100×1090×2380(mm)
Net weight 560kg 980kg

Figure 1:LRK-65Ⅱ/C4


Figure 2:LRK-130Ⅱ/C4


Selected international quality components to ensure high efficiency and stability

The world's leading air jet melting technology is adopted to increase the flow of refrigerant from the intermediate air supply during the working process of the compressor, so that the heating is greatly increased, which greatly improves the stability and heating capacity of the system in low temperature environment. Guarantee the long service life of the product in the harsh environment of low temperature

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