Air Source Domestic Water Heater Heat Pump 200liter Enamel Inner Tanks

Short Description:

1Function:All in one  heat pump water heater;

2.Voltage:220V -50HZ;

3.Using R410A green refrigerant;

4.Energy-saving is up to 75%;

5. three optional volume;

6.High Efficiency A++ Energy Level.

Product Detail

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AMA, together with industry heat pump experts and a number of university research institutes, has developed a new-generation "cold shield" system after several experiments and 128 multi-channel inspections, which can effectively protect the air energy water heater compressor and ensure efficient production. At the same time, it can prevent the compressor from being burned out by overheating, and fully prolong the service life of the compressor, which can last for 15 years.

Cold Shield

Cold Shield | What convenience can it provide you?

• Never worry about running out of hot water

Generally, adults take a shower, and the water is about 40-50 liters each time. Lengdun products can meet the bathing water for a family of five, and occasionally enjoy the pleasure of taking a bath. The excess hot water can also cultivate your life. Add more warmth.

•Cold shield exclusive, silent technology

The energy cold shield technology has the function of double capillary flow, which greatly reduces the noise and vibration generated by the host when it is started, and creates an extraordinary and quiet home environment for you.

• Smart Cream

In the case of heavy snowfall, the temperature sensing system will sense the ambient temperature, and the unit will automatically enter the snow melting state. At the same time, when the intelligent detection of frost, a defrost command will be issued to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

Product detail

1. Advantages

High efficiency and energy saving: For every 1 kWh of electricity consumed, 2 to 6 kWh of heat can be absorbed from the low-temperature heat source, and the energy saving effect is very significant.
Safe and reliable: the operation of the unit is intelligently controlled by the controller microcomputer, with multiple protections.

2. Technical points

Unique anti-corrosion technology: The shell of the water tank is designed with anti-rust, and the inner tank of the water tank is an enamel inner tank. The whole enamel is sintered, which is more corrosion-resistant and greatly prolongs the service life.

3. Scope of application

High-rise residences, family villas, newly renovated families, foot baths, small beauty salons, etc.

4. Installation site

balcony, living room, roof.

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