Hien successfully held the third postdoctoral opening report meeting and the second postdoctoral closing report meeting

On March 17, Hien successfully held the third postdoctoral opening report meeting and the second postdoctoral closing report meeting. Zhao Xiaole, Deputy Director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yueqing City, attended the meeting and handed the license to Hien’s national postdoctoral workstation.


Mr. Huang Daode, Chairman of Hien, and Qiu Chunwei, Director of R & D, Professor Zhang Renhui of Lanzhou University of Technology, Professor Liu Yingwen of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Associate Professor Xu Yingjie of Zhejiang University of Technology, and Director Huang Changyan of the Institute of Digital Intelligence Architecture of Wenzhou Institute of Technology, attended the meeting as well.

Director Zhao highly affirmed the postdoctoral work of Hien, congratulated Hien on upgrading to a national level postdoctoral workstation, and hoped that Hien could make good use of the advantages of national-level postdoctoral workstations and make more outstanding achievements in recruiting postdoctoral personnel to assist enterprises in technological innovation in the future.


At the meeting, Dr. Ye Wenlian from Lanzhou University of Technology, who has newly joined the Hien National Postdoctoral Workstation, gave an opening report on “Research on Frosting and Defrosting of Air Source Heat Pumps in Low Temperature and High Humidity Areas”. Aiming at the problem of frosting on the air-side heat exchanger affecting the operation of the unit when the air source heat pumps are used for heating in low temperature areas, conducts research on the impact of outdoor environmental parameters on the surface frosting of the heat exchanger during the operation of heat pumps, and explores new methods for defrosting air source heat pumps.


The experts of the review team made detailed comments on Dr. Ye’s project opening report and proposed modifications to key and difficult technologies in the project. After a comprehensive evaluation by the experts, it’s considered that the topic selected is forward-looking, the research content is feasible, and the method is appropriate, and it’s unanimously agreed that the topic proposal should be initiated.


At the meeting, Dr. Liu Zhaohui, who joined the Hien Postdoctoral Workstation in 2020, also made a concluding report on “Research on Optimization of Refrigerant Two-phase Flow and Heat Transfer”. According to Dr. Liu’s report, the overall performance has been improved by 12% through multi-objective optimization and selection of the tooth shape parameters of the micro-ribbed tube. At the same time, this innovative research result has improved the uniformity of refrigerant flow distribution and the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger, reduced the overall size of the machine, and allowed the compact units to have great energy.

We believe that talent is the primary resource, innovation is the primary driving force, and technology is the primary productive force. Since Hien established the Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation in 2016, the post-doctoral work has been continuously carried out in an orderly manner. In 2022, Hien was upgraded to a national-level postdoctoral workstation, which is a comprehensive reflection of Hien’s technological innovation capabilities. We believe that through the national postdoctoral scientific research workstation, we will attract more outstanding talents to join the company, further strengthen our innovation ability, and provide a stronger backing for Hien’s high-quality development.

Post time: Mar-23-2023