Hien 2023 Annual Summit was successfully held in Boao

Hien 2023 Annual Summit was successfully held in Boao, Hainan

On 9 March, the 2023 Hien Boao Summit with the theme of “Towards a Happy and Better Life” was grandly held at the International Conference Center of Hainan Boao Forum for Asia. The BFA has always been regarded as the “economic vane of Asia”. This time, Hien gathered heavyweight guests and talents at the Boao Summit, and gathered new ideas, new strategies, new products to set up the industry development vane.

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Fang Qing, Vice Chairman of China Energy Conservation Association and Director of Heat Pump Professional Committee of China Energy Conservation Association; Yang Weijiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Real Estate Association; Bao Liqiu, Director of the Expert Committee of China Building Energy Conservation Association; Zhou Hualin, Chairman of the Low Carbon Villages & Towns Committee of China Building Energy Conservation Association; Xu Haisheng, Deputy Secretary General of Heat Pump Professional Committee of China Energy Conservation Association; Li Desheng, Deputy Director of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Zanhuang County, Hebei; An Lipeng, Director of Double Agency in Zanhuang County, Hebei; Ning Jiachuan, President of Hainan Solar Energy Association; Ouyang Wenjun, President of Henan Solar Energy Engineering Association; Zhang Qien, Project Director of Youcai Platform; He Jiarui, Deputy Director of Beijing Weilai Meike Energy Technology Research Institute, and more than 1,000 people, including CRH, Baidu, high-speed media, industry media and our outstanding dealers and distributors from all over the country, gathered together to talk about industry trends and plan future development.

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At the Summit, Huang Daode, chairman of Hien, delivered a speech to warmly welcome everyone. Mr. Huang said that looking forward to the future development, we should always keep in mind our mission and strive for the sustainable development of individuals and society. Hien’s products can save energy and reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment, benefit the country and the families, benefit the society and everyone, and make life better. To be altruistic and give every family real care in terms of quality, installation and service around the world.

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Fang Qing, vice president of the China Energy Conservation Association and Director of the Heat Pump Professional Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, made a speech on the spot, fully affirming the contribution of Hien to promoting the development of the industry. He said that from the Boao Annual Summit of Hien in 2023, he saw the vigorous power of China’s heat pump industry. He hoped that Hien would continue to refine on the air-source heat pump technology, improve product quality and service quality, fulfill its leading responsibilities and play a greater role, and called on all Hien people to be down-to-earth and push the air energy into hundreds of millions of families.

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Yang Weijiang, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Real Estate Association, described the bright future of green housing under the national “Dual-Carbon” goal. He said that China’s real estate industry is developing towards a green and low-carbon direction, and air energy is rather promising in this process. He hoped that the leading enterprises represented by Hien can shoulder their responsibilities and provide Chinese consumers with a better and happier living space that is more environmentally friendly, healthier and smarter.

Hien has always attached great importance to technological innovation and talent training, and has set up post-doctoral workstations for this purpose, and reached Industry-University-Research technical cooperation with Tianjin University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other well-known universities. Mr. Ma Yitai, director and professor of the Thermal Energy Research Institute of Tianjin University, the industry leader, Mr. Liu Yingwen, professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Mr. Xu Yingjie, an expert in the field of refrigeration and an associate professor of Zhejiang University of Technology, also sent regards to this conference by video.

Mr. Qiu, Technical Director of Hien’s R&D Center, shared the “Hien Product Series and Industry Development Direction”, and pointed out that the development of mainstream products in the industry is environmental protection, energy saving, miniaturization, and intelligence. Hien’s R&D design philosophy is product intelligence, product serialization, control automation, design modularization, and verification institutionalization. At the same time, Qiu demonstrated the Internet of Things service platform, which can detect the use of each Hien unit in real time, predict the unit failure, and perceive the upcoming problems of the unit in advance, so that it can be handled in time.


To save energy, to reduce emissions and create a better life for all mankind. Hien not only shouted a slogan, but also gives excellent practical action and the way to go. Hien, an air source heat pump brand, is further upgraded through offline and online media, making Hien a household name worldwide.

Post time: Mar-10-2023