europe air source dc inverter heat pump air to water heating pump

Short Description:

Machine model:KF80/A01
power supply:22V~50Hz
protection level:Class I/IPX4
heating capacitypower consumption:3700W/875W
Coefficient of Performance (COP):4.23W/W
working current:3.98A
Maximum power consumption:1300W/5.90A
maximum outlet water temperature:55°C / 60°C
Nominal water production:80L/h
Maximum working pressure of high/low pressure side:4.2/4.2MPa
Discharge/suction side allows working overpressure:4.2/1.2MPa
The maximum pressure of the evaporator:4.2MPa
Refrigerant charge:R410A
maximum working pressure of high/low pressure side:693×280×545 MM
The outdoor unit Net weight:31kg

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